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        สล็อต เครดิตฟรี ถอนได้จริง


        As a not-for-profit organization Run for Life Inc. is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The following current slate of directors provides governance and oversight for all Run for Life programs.

        Gavin Blondeau

        In 2019 I was an intern with Run For Life at the Kenya Camp. I am currently studying in the Urban Planning program at the University of Saskatchewan and hope to find a career in Indigenous planning. In the winter I like to cross country skiing, and during the summer I enjoy my time outdoors camping and doing motorcycle trips. I am proud to say that I am the youngest member of the Run For Life board of directors.

        Katrina Brogdon

        Katrina Brogdon has had many roles as an educator over the last 30 years including teacher, school counsellor, and administrator. Katrina brings all of her years of experience to help teachers, students and their families understand the fundamental theories and practices of self-regulation.

        Christopher Giesler

        Christopher is a Geography and Environmental Science teacher who has a specific interest in land-based learning as a method to connect students with their local natural heritage and develop a sense of place. He enjoys coaching cross country running and is an accomplished ultrarunner himself. Christopher is most at home when exploring on trail by foot or bike, or on the water via canoe or kayak.

        Vincent Larochelle

        Legal Eagle

        Vincent is known as the Legal Eagle for his sharp eye and legal expertise. He is an avid trail runner, skier, climber, mountaineer and paddler. Favourite drink: old-fashioned.

        Sandra MacDougall


        Sandra started running an elementary school, which set her off on a lifetime of running, strength training and competition. Sandra is a registered Professional Engineer and spends her days building roads in the Yukon. She is advancing RFL’s Social Enterprise model’s business plan and is keen on impact-focused investments and measurement. Sandra is a Yukon trail loller and loves the red trails in the Great Rift Valley, Kenya.

        Amanda Wudarzewski


        Amanda has been a part of Run For Life since 2012. With a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology, her research interests involve the area of self-regulation and motivation in health behaviours. She is excited about how the organization will evolve in the years to come.